I was walking down an aisle
In Tesco, when I saw them.
We hadn’t planned on meeting,
But there we were.
I gazed at them and felt slightly sad.
I think they pretended not to see me.

Except, they didn’t have to pretend.
Because they had no eyes or faces
Or thoughts, they were apples.
And apples don’t have those sorts of things.

They lay on one another, bored
-Worse, depressed, I thought.
On the lower shelf lay the apples
That didn’t look so nice.
There was a sign that told me
They cost less money.

I picked from the top,
One of you.
And from below,
One of me.
Without anyone seeing,
Without any sound,
I switched them around.
And wandered off.

But soon I was lonely
and decided to return.
I was still there,
But you had gone.